The Role Of Women In The Progress Of A Country

Even the most developed of the world’s nations continue to evolve and develop as we speak, as progress is the main constant that has characterized all countries over the centuries. The role that women currently have in the development and progress of a country depends on the culture of the respective countries. Often times, changing millennium-old mentalities is tremendously hard to accomplish and it cannot even begin to be compared to introducing a new service to some florists Victoria BC based.

Nevertheless, some mentalities do change and a simple look at India’s history should help you better understand what we are referring to. For instance, and if we are to speak about women like Pratibha Devisingh Patil, the Indian politician who served as the 12th President of India or Indira Gandhi, the Indian politician who served as the first woman to become Prime Minister of the Republic of India (four terms), we could say that women have played a crucial role in the course of India’s history. These remarkable women have brought their contribution to the development of India.

Women politicians in general are able to offer men the support they need; they do not solely get involved in the saving of a country’s traditions and cultural beliefs, but they can also fight for freedom and other similar ideals. There are plenty of women who, throughout the history, have chosen to dedicate their entire existence to fighting for social justice, equality and similar rights and they have constantly offered their support and anchorage to the men wearing the official politician masks.

Let us look at women in Pakistan and their role in the Pakistani society and local communities. Some people claim that the progress of the Pakistani people mainly depends and relies on the involvement of the women there, who need to start being a lot more active and visible. Even though women make up more than half of the population in Pakistan, they do not truly have any sort of contributions in any decision-making processes in their country. They are mostly appreciated for their window cleaning activities and misleading judgments state that their sole pleasure is to use the best coconut oil for face and preserve their beauty.

In reality, Pakistani women should play a much more important role and they cannot continue to be underestimated. They need to become much more involved in civil and social activates and they need to bring their contribution to an international level as well. These are the main steps towards success and progress. It is needless to say that gender equality and gender disparities are some of the main issues here and other parts of the world and without the proper involvement of women, things cannot change too soon.

In the U.S., women have the power to ask for a small business loan and get the West Coast flooring they want, they sometimes run their own household and they also get involved in politics, make and approve laws and even run for presidency sometime in the future. They should therefore set an example for the women in other parts of the world.