Education : A Right of Everyone

Many of us take education for granted, it is something that most don’t want to have to do, we go off to school daily in our youth and then go on to college or university without thinking twice.

Depending on your country will determine the cost of this education. In countries such as the UK, the cost of university tuition is a minimum and has only just been introduced, previously this education was completely free to anyone who wanted it.
All Children Have a Right to Education

Every child from the age of five years old has a right to an education up to sixteen years of age. This is throughout the world, though some countries have other beliefs. In the US and a majority of other countries, this right is available for all children.

With all children being offered this education, they can advance in later years. It’s not like a fast weight loss program, it’s hard work which children should appreciate, especially when you hear of under developed countries and the lack of education provided to the children living there.

Certain religions don’t believe in education for girls, this has started to change as we have all developed over the years. These women are now able to get a full education and enjoy the benefits. Even though most of them with a good education under their belts don’t use it once they graduate, it offers them something to fall back on should they need it.
Traveler Children

Children from the traveler or gypsy community, seldom complete schooling. This is due to their beliefs and these children start working at a very young age. By the age of thirteen the boys are usually working with their fathers and the girls are removed from school to start learning how to be the perfect wife. By the time these children are sixteen, they are often planning their wedding day.

In some countries it is illegal to remove a child from education so early, the solution these families have found is home schooling. This way they can continue their beliefs and the children still get an education within the legal requirements. You can read more about home education online, search the same as you would if you wanted to buy quality kratom powder or want to know about skin care products.
Under Developed Countries

Many of the African countries don’t offer adequate education to the children. These children live in small community villages and will never experience a day at school or a good education. There are many organizations that are working together to try and ensure these children get some form of education.

The children don’t have rights where they live, they can’t go to a Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney for example, they have to manage with what they have.

You would think that every child has the right to an education, this is how it should be. Unfortunately there are places in the world where this isn’t possible with the resources they have available. They don’t even have anyone who can teach the children, never mind a computer with internet access. In these areas don’t expect to be able to find insurance quotes or example url online, you have to deal with villages in the middle of nowhere without electricity or running water.