A Review Gender Equality Rights around the World

As there is no dearth of people who are interested in getting themselves admitted into one of the online MBA programs no GMAT; there is also no dearth of people who are interested to know about the ongoing gender issues around the world. Gender equality and its related topics are the most talked-of issues today. Not only today, gender issue has been the most important point of debate among people for a longer period of time. So, most of the people are interested to know the new outcomes and the stories of the gender right movements around the world.

To find out more info you can have a look over the history books related to that matter. You can also go through thousands of memoirs, fictions, prose works, biographies and autobiographies where you will be able to find a lot of information about the gender right issue through ages. If you really wish to find out the whole history you can visit source materials available in the internet you will find thousands of scholarly works related to gender rights issues around the world.

As we need to know the step by step recipe of making tiramisu; we also need to know the step by step process of the gender rights movement. Though officially the gender rights movement started at the end of the 19th century, but in reality it started long ago. Even in the Greek writing, we will find some sort of revolt against the strongly patriarchal Greek society. So, this is not a history of a single period that can be described in short word. It is a long term history of struggles and sacrifices of the subaltern group around the world. Though many people think that women have got their freedom that they wished for, in reality, still women are suffering from inequality and gender violence.

Though there is a cry for the improvement of the status of women, but the kaizen
philosophy proved to be wrong in terms of gender rights movement. There is improvements, but not for the better as the kaizen philosophy suggest. The improvements are leading the women towards more risks and problems. This picture can be seen in all the countries – be it a developed, developing or underdeveloped country- the story is same in everywhere in some way or the other.

As you need the trust of the customer for getting Dodge dealerships in Arizona; you need to the trust of the people for getting the leadership of a movement. But the women are not supporting the movements that are going throughout the world. Still they love to be within their cocoon. The leaders are not getting enough supports to make their movements successful. This is happening around the world.

As you need the best species of great dane for a great experience of pet keeping; you need to have the best leaders for enjoying the positive outcomes of any kind of movement. But the leaders cannot work alone without the support of the general mass. Though in material sense the position of women has been improved, still the attitude of the society and men is the same. The whole debate of gender issue cannot come to an end if no change takes place in terms of social attitude.

To know more about this issue you can click here and there in the internet. You will get ample sources for doing a research.